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Microdosing is practically taking a small amount of psychedelics on a regular basis. In this case we are talking about microdosing with truffles ("Magic Truffles") that contain the active substance Psilocybin. Our truffles are specially grown for this purpose, they are small and contain a constant active ingredient per microdose of truffle. By microdosing, this substance works on a sub-perceptual level. This means that you can experience very subtle effects, which can have a positive influence on your daily life. For example, you can experience that your creativity, energy & focus increase. You can carry out all your daily activities without any diffilculty.


"Magic Truffles" are not the same as "Magic Mushrooms". Unlike mushrooms, truffles grow underground. There is a large network of mycelium underground. This mycelium is a fungus with a white, stringy structure. Under the right conditions, this mycelium will ensure the growth of mushrooms. At a certain point, the mushroom releases spores from which new fungal threads can grow. The fungal threads get buds from which a mushroom can arise. If the growing conditions are not optimal, fungal threads can thicken. The hardened mycelium then becomes a compact mass, named Sclerotia. The official name for "Magic Truffles". Like the mushrooms, the truffles contain the psychoactive substances: Psilocybin and Psilocin.


Psilocybin is the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in a specific number of mushrooms and truffles. These fungi also contain the psychoactive substance: Psilocin. When you take these mushrooms or truffles, also called "Magic Mushrooms" and "Magic Truffles", the Psilocybin in your body is converted to Psilocin. These substances are similar in chemical structure to the body's own substance serotonin, which activates certain receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, with a stimulating effect, that influences our mood and perception.



Microdosing met truffels kan je meer in je lichaam & gevoelswereld laten zakken. Dit kan ervoor zorgen dat er allerlei 

deurtjes geopend worden naar je ware zelf. Je kan het eigenlijk zien dat alles al in jezelf verborgen ligt, maar dat we er soms niet bij kunnen of dat we het eventjes vergeten zijn. Door je te openen voor de truffels, kunnen ze jou laten zien waar jij jezelf wellicht nog in de weg staat. Dit kan dus ook betekenen dat er soms gevoelens omhoog kunnen komen die als minder 'positief' ervaren worden. Zie dit als een mogelijkheid om deze gevoelens te voelen en te onderzoeken wat dit jou wil vertellen. Zo kan er vanuit een ander & vernieuwd perspectief gekeken worden naar bepaalde delen in jezelf.


Maar de truffels kunnen jou ook juist laten herinneren hoe het ook alweer is om de verbinding met jezelf te voelen en dat je hier altijd naar kan terug keren, mét en zonder truffels. Na verloop van tijd zal je een bepaalde connectie opbouwen met de truffels en ga je ontdekken hoe de truffels met jou werken. Tenslotte laten ze jou de weg zien en uiteindelijk ben jij degene die de verandering kan maken.


There are many different reasons why people start microdosing. The reasons range from increased need for creativity and focus to overcoming fears and depression. Experience shows that microdosing positively contributes to physical, mental and emotional changes.

  • Out of mind, into the body

  • Feeling more grounded

  • Be aware of yourself and the environment

  • More present in the moment

  • Connecting with yourself

  • Improved concentration and motivation

  • More in flow at work, hobby or study

  • Increased productivity

  • Get into balance

  • Think in terms of solutions

  • Less procrastination

  • Better to let go of control

  • Living in the 'now'

  • Experience clarity

  • 'Voice' in your head is less present

  • Worry less

  • Become aware of your thoughts

  • Less distracted

  • Experience more fun

  • Be more positive in life

  • More patience

  • Experience less stress

*these are user experiences, benefits may be different for everyone.



  • stimulates problem-solving ability

  • improved sleep quality

  • more physical energy

  • enhances sensory perception

  • improves mood

  • be able to make better decisions

  • increased emotional awareness

  • happier

  • spiritual growth


  • feelings of fear

  • menstrual symptoms (PMS)

  • insecurity

  • negative thinking pattern

  • stress

  • ADHD

  • unrest

  • full head

  • depression symptoms



- balance


The advice is to microdose by following a specific schedule. This is also known as a protocol. These protocols describe how often and when you take a microdose. By microdosing over a certain period of time, you can gradually start to experience the positive effects. All these schedules indicate that after a period of microdosing of 4 to 8 weeks, to schedule a rest of 2 to 4 weeks. This pause/reset is very important to ensure that your body does not build up a tolerance, thus preserving the healing power of the truffles. It is also a good moment to reflect on the process of the past microdosing period.  


Have you figured out why you want to start microdosing? Then you can choose a protocol. Try out a schedule for at least a month to see if it's right for you. Tip: write down your experiences in a diary.

The substance of a microdose remains active in your body and brain for 48 hours. That is why it is a shame to microdose every day and, moreover, your body then builds up a tolerance for the substance in a microdose. It could also become a psychological habit, making it more difficult to evaluate the process.



The James Fadiman protocol is a nice schedule to follow if you are just starting out with microdosing. This protocol is based on a 3 day cycle, which you follow for a period of 4 - 8 weeks. James Fadiman has created this schedule to clearly distinguish between the days when you do and do not microdose. On day 3 of your cycle you can observe for yourself what the difference does to you.

  • Day 1: Microdose day

  • Day 2: Transition day

  • Day 3: Normal day

  • Day 4: Microdose day

  • Day 5: Transition day, etc etc


Some people also like to follow the every other day schedule. You take a microdose every other day. Experience shows that people with depressive symptoms or physical complaints, such as migraines, benefit more from this schedule.

  • Day 1: Microdose day

  • Day 2: Transition day

  • Day 3: Microdose day

  • Day 4: Transition Day

  • Day 5: Microdose day, etc etc


There is also a schedule that is based on a 2-day cycle. With this schedule you take a microdose for 2 days in a row and then again for 2 days.

  • Day 1: Microdose day

  • Day 2: Microdose day

  • Day 3: Transition day

  • Day 4: Normal day

  • Day 5: Microdose day, etc etc


And of course you can also follow a schedule, where you intuitively feel when you want to microdose. When you have more experience with microdosing, you can switch to this schedule. However, the advice remains to always leave at least 1 day between the microdosing days. Always plan a rest/reset period of at least 2 - 4 weeks after following a microdosing schedule. 


It is important that you start with a small dose for the first time. Do not exceed 0.5g for the first time. Preferably on a day when you have no obligations. Then you can step by step increase the dose to max 1.5g until you have found your 'sweet spot'. Your 'sweet spot' is your ideal dose where you can carry out all your daily activities and social interactions without experiencing any hindrance.

To dose and find your 'sweet spot', you can use a micro-scale for this. The truffles are already packed in microdoses of 6 x 1 gram, so it can also be easily divided by hand if you want to take 0.5 gram.  

Our advice is to take the microdose in the morning. Swallow the microdose immediately with water. Don't chew it. In this way, the truffle can slowly do his "job". Cut 1 dose from the strip as close to the edge as possible (to avoid exposure to air).

Does the microdose feel too strong? This can happen, but be aware that you will not experience any 'trip effects' from this amount. You may, for example, experience fatigue or restlessness. Try to surrender to it and relax. You can do some breathing exercises or go for a walk in nature. It is also possible that certain things are processed on a conscious and/or subconscious layer and in this way float to the surface. These effects can be experienced as less positive, but they also give you more self-awareness.  


Does the microdose feel too weak? Then do not take an extra dose on this day, but subtly increase your dose on the next microdose day.

How do you feel 'sweet spot'?  You have found the ideal dose if you do not experience any effects that interfere with your daily activities. By the way, that doesn't mean you shouldn't feel anything at all. They can be subtle effects that you notice in the moment or later. You may also experience a pleasantly relaxed feeling in your body. Often at the end of the day you realize that you had a great day where everything was more in 'flow'.

Tip: keep a diary of the process during your microdosing period. In this way it becomes clear to yourself what kind of developments are taking place. You can write down your feelings, but a few key words are also sufficient. Also on the transition day (day after a microdose day) you can make notes of what you experience. To this day, the substance of the microdose continues to work. By 'checking in' with yourself every day, you become more and more aware of what is going on inside. And so it can also become easier, with the help of your diary, to integrate the received insights into your life.

When you start writing down the observations in your diary, you can think of things like these:

- Mental/emotional: Am I noticing changes in my thought pattern? Do I handle my emotions differently? Do I experience more peace or restlessness in my head?

- Physical: Do I have more/less energy? How is my sleeping pattern? Do I have more stamina while exercising?

- Work/tasks: Can I focus better? Am I more in 'flow'? Am I more productive?

- And/or: Am I noticing changes in my social interactions? Do I feel more present in the moment? Are there any specific things that stood out today? Did I get a nice insight?



Voor een effectieve microdosering ervaring is het belangrijk om ruimte te creëren voor integratie en reflectie. Zonder dit deel kunnen we de magische momenten en vooruitgang missen die we tijdens het proces maken. Integratie kan lijken op het bijhouden van een dagboek - waarin je noteert hoe je je voelde of de mogelijke inzichten die je hebt gekregen. Op deze manier wordt het voor jezelf duidelijk wat voor ontwikkelingen er plaatsvinden. Dit kan dagelijks of aan het einde van je microdosing periode. Ook op de overgangsdag (dag na een microdose dag) kun je notities maken van wat je ervaart. Op deze dag werkt de stof van de microdosis nog zachtjes door.


Wil je lange verhalen schrijven of gewoon een aantal kernwoorden? Het is helemaal aan jou hoe je dit invult. Door elke dag even bij jezelf 'in te checken', word je steeds bewuster van wat er zich van binnen afspeelt. En zo kan het ook makkelijker worden, met behulp van je dagboek, om de opgedane inzichten te integreren in je leven. Daarnaast geven de pauzes je ook een mooie gelegenheid om te reflecteren op je afgelopen periode.

Als je begint met het opschrijven van de waarnemingen in je dagboek, kun je denken aan bijvoorbeeld deze onderwerpen:

  • Mentaal/emotioneel: Merk ik veranderingen op in mijn gedachtepatroon? Ga ik anders met mijn emoties om? Ervaar ik meer rust of onrust in mijn hoofd?

  • Fysiek: Heb ik meer/minder energie? Hoe is mijn slaappatroon? Heb ik meer uithoudingsvermogen tijdens het sporten?

  • Werk/taken: Kan ik mij beter focussen? Ben ik meer in 'flow'? Ben ik productiever?

  • En/of: Merk ik veranderingen op in mijn sociale interacties? Voel ik mij meer aanwezig in het moment? Zijn er specifieke dingen die zijn opgevallen vandaag? Heb ik een mooi inzicht binnen gekregen?



Fresh truffles from Psilocybe Mexicana are 100% legal in the Netherlands, but the product may not undergo 'active processing'. These truffles can therefore be produced and traded completely legally. It may also be used for therapeutic purposes and personal consumption.

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