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We are much more powerful than we think. That power lies within us. In you. Like a warm sun. You can always return to that sun. With the appropriate knowledge and tools, we can live to our fullest potential and are able to take good care of ourselves in all areas of life. After all, body, mind & spirit are interconnected. If you start self-improvement in a specific area, the rest will also be lifted to a higher level as a whole.

Nature gives us wonderful resources that help us to function optimally. Sometimes we forget that we are part of nature and we look for solutions outside ourselves. But our human body has the ability to heal itself and can be stimulated and strengthened when we come into balance as a whole with nature. Return to the Sun would like to contribute in supporting a healthy mindset and lifestyle, so you can let your inner Sun shine!



Bepaalde schimmels hebben de bijzondere gave om ons bewustzijn te verruimen en worden al eeuwenlang gebruikt om ons meer in contact te brengen met onze ware essentie en de natuur. Microdosing kan een mooie laagdrempelige tool zijn om meer bewust te worden van jezelf. Door jezelf steeds beter te leren kennen kun je erachter komen wat voor obstakels er in de weg staan en wat er nodig is om jouw groei te bevorderen.

Onze truffels komen van een Nederlandse boerderij waar deze met uiterste zorg en perfectie gemaakt worden. Het resultaat is een natuurlijk product van de allerhoogste kwaliteit. Ze worden speciaal gekweekt voor microdosering - ze zijn klein en bevatten een constante werkzame stof - Psilocybine - per microdosis truffel.



In order to function optimally, we need all essential nutrients from nature, which we can no longer get from our diet alone. The agricultural soils from which our food grows have to deal with increasing micronutrient deficiencies and many health problems are now associated with these deficiencies. There are also other factors that influence our health. Think of the pollution of our tap water and the air we breathe, but also increasing stress in our current society certainly does not benefit us.


By feeding ourselves with all the crucial nutrients that nature provides us, we can gain more physical energy, strengthen our natural immune system, increase our life energy, sharpen our mental health, detox our body, lower stress and thereby maximize our own abilities on physical, mental & spiritual level.

"It started with me out of curiosity."

I personally started microdosing Psilocybin five years ago. It all started out of curiosity. I had heard good stories, but there was little to be found on the internet. I experienced that I felt significantly more present in the moment. That made me realize how many times I was usually not in the moment, distracted by my thoughts. I was often living in my head and did not always lived in the now. 

Microdosing made me more aware of my thoughts; I could observe them from a distance. I recognized certain patterns in myself. I gained insights and felt more self-conscious.


"There was room for personal growth."

After that first microdosing period, I took a break – as it should be – to start again when I was a little less comfortable in my own skin. Then I noticed that the sharp edges were starting to go away – I got more positive thoughts again.

Slowly I felt myself becoming clearer and lighter again. I got a new perspective on certain things. I was so excited I recommended it to friends. They also shared similar experiences.

Over the years I have had occasional periods of microdosing and each time it has had a very positive impact on my life.


"Microdosing has brought me so much good that I felt called to bring more people in contact with this beautiful tool from nature."

How nice it would be if we were more aware of ourselves and everything around us, we believe in our own power, we come closer to our core, we act from love and we can vibrate with each other in a higher frequency.


Personally, I believe that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world:

if we feel good inside, we can perceive this in the world around us, and vice versa'.  



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