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Microdosing Truffles from Return to the Sun contains one strip from 6 x 1 gram of truffles. These are between 6 - 12 doses per strip. How long you last with one strip depends of the desired amount per microdose given with each person is different. It also depends on how many strips you need when following a microdose protocol, which takes 4 - 8 weeks. This will be between 2 - 5 are strips.


Are you curious what Microdosing can do for you?




Microdosing is practically taking a small amount psychedelics on a regular basis. This means that you can experience very subtle effects, which can have a positive impact on your daily life. From different experience shows that microdosing Psilocybin brings countless benefits emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.


To experience the optimal benefits of microdosing, it is recommended to microdosing according to a specific protocol. This means that you follow a certain schedule for a period of during 4 - 8 weeks. After this period it is a good time to evaluate what microdosing has meant for you. Possibly you have gained wonderful insights in the process and a personal transformation has taken place. After a microdose period you take a break of at least 2 - 4 weeks to possibly start again with a new microdose period.


For detailed information about Microdosing, see our page: About Microdosing & FAQ .


Microdosing Truffles from Return to the Sun are 100% legal.

1 x MICRODOSING TRUFFLES | Return to the Sun

    • Ingredients: 100% natural fresh Sclerotia* (Psilocybe Mexicana)
    • Quantity: One box contains between 6 - 12 doses. This depends on the desired dose.
    • Intake: For optimal absorption, take preferably in the morning. Swallow the microdose immediately with water without chewing. To follow a particular schedule visit our page: About Microdosing.
    • Storage: Store immediately in the refrigerator at a dry place.
    • Free of: gluten, preservatives, GMOs, artificial flavors and fillers.
    • Shelf life: Unopened +/- 8 weeks shelf life. Opened consume within 6 - 8 days.
    • Content: 6 x 1 g


    * organically grown in the Netherlands


    • For more information see our FAQ and About Microdosing page.

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